List of open positions inEastbay Jobs
Job Title Job Location Address
2nd Shift Shipping LeadWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
2nd Shift Warehouse Generalist (ft)Wausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Accounting ManagerWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Customization CoordinatorWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Customization Screen PrinterWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Director Of Project ManagementWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Industrial EngineerWausau, WI
Inside Team Services SupportWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Inventory Cycle CounterWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Inventory Location CondenserWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Inventory SpecialistWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Native Mobile Application DeveloperWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Order PickerWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Order Sorter WarehouseWausau, WI500 72nd Avenue North
Reporting AnalystWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Sales SupportWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Server EngineerWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Software DeveloperWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Sql Server Database DeveloperWausau, WI111 S. First Avenue
Team Sales Outsource CoordinatorWausau, WI
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About Eastbay

Eastbay, the world's leading supplier of sneakers, athletic shoes, and athletic clothing, is an indispensable part of the elite high school athlete's journey to prepare, grow, perform, win, and celebrate in sport. Elite athletes know that it takes more than the right footwear to succeed. They train and practice; they prepare to win. Eastbay is dedicated to helping athletes improve every aspect of their game through a huge assortment of on-the-field and off-the-field gear from the best brands; Field Tested, an exclusive, online rating system from elite athletes in their sport and position; and access to tips, tools and resources to give them an edge over the competition. Whether you're on the court, diamond, gridiron, street, or in class, you'll find it at Eastbay.

For more than 30 years, Eastbay has been supplying the best performance and sport-inspired shoes and clothing to millions of customers – like our customers, we play to win. We hire elite team members who bring their best and want to build on the legacy.

Are you Prepared to Win?

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